Top Ten Tuesday: Fandom


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

April 4: Fandom Freebie — top ten fandoms I’m in, 10 reasons X fandom is the best, must have merchandise for x fandom, etc. etc.

My fandoms

Star Wars- Star Wars is probably the first fandom I ever joined, I was watching Star Wars at like age 6 or 7 so there was never really a point in my life where I didn’t know about Vader and Luke lol. Star Wars is also the fandom that I own the most merch of. I have a ton of Darth Vader stuff: shirts, a mug, funkos, little knick knacks that are given to me as gifts.


Harry Potter

We can’t have this list without mentioning Harry Potter, one of my friends and I are currently marathoning the series over our weekends. I don’t own much merch for this fandom tho, I have a pair of Slytherin sweats and that’s about it. But I love reading fanfic for this fandom and I could spend all day reading all of the fandom related posts on Tumblr.


Lord of the Rings

I will never say no to revisiting Middle Earth, I still haven’t read the books but one day I will.



One of my absolute favorite fandoms! I love Batman, Gotham is my favorite area of the DC universe. I love how complex the villains are and how complex Batman himself can be.


Captain America/Marvel

Who didn’t see this coming? I love my Captain.



Finally another book related fandom. Again probably saw this coming

Chekov/Star Trek movies

Lol my sole involvement in the Star Trek fandom is centered around this guy. I fell in love with him almost instantly and spend a lot of my time looking at Chekov pins on Pinterest whilst trying to perfect my Russian accent so I can mimic his lines.

P.s. I always refer to him as my precious Russian cupcake.


I dont think I need to say anything to explain why I love him.

Arrow and Flash

A Fandom that I am slowly backing away from, my interest in the shows have died down a little but I’m hoping once I sit down and binge, I’m sure that’ll change.

Game of Thrones

Another fandom that I am slowly losing interest in. ImI’must almost feeling like I’m over it.


What are your fandoms?


Top 10 Tuesday: Books I Read in One Sitting

tttMarch 21: Read In One Sitting Theme: Top ten books I read in one sitting


For all of these books, I was hopelessly glued to these pages, just obsessed with the story and couldn’t stop reading. Good luck trying to take the book from me when I reach that point. For all of these, I started and finished them all in the same day.


Anna and the French Kiss

A Thousand Pieces of You
By Your Side

Just Listen
Every Last Word
This Savage Song
The Unexpected Everything

Top Ten Tuesday: 1/17 LGBT books I’m adding to Mount TBR


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

LGBT Books I’ve decided to add to Mount TBR

Over 2016 I learned that I love books that have a m/m relationship and I want more of those, I also want to check out books that feature a f/f relationship. Since I wasn’t feeling today’s topic for TTT (which was about underrated books you read in 2016) instead I wanted to talk about LGBT books that I need to read and of course, I want more recommendations if you have one that isn’t on this list please leave it in the comments below. And looking over this list I realize it’s focusing more on LG and there aren’t any for BT, I’m sorry, that’s an area I really do want to look into more and again if you have any recommendations please send them my way. I want to really broaden my reading horizons this year and focus on more diversity.


Keeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters
Huntress by Malinda Lo
Ask the Passengers by A.S. King

Everything Leads to You  by Nina LaCour
Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan
Every Day by David Levithan

We are the Ants by Shaun David Huthinson
Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst
The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M Danforth

Him and Us by Sarina Bowen

I’ve heard great things about all of these books and all of these authors. Please let me know if you’ve read any of these and which one I should start with 🙂 at the moment I’m thinking I’ll start with either Of Fire and Stars or Him, simply because I already own both of them.

Also, please all your recommendations. Just note that I’ve already read Simon vs Homo Sapiens, Aristotle and Dante, More Happy Than Not, I’ll Give You the Sun. I think those are the popular recommendations.

Thanks for reading!


January 10: Top Ten 2016 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn’t Get To (But TOTALLY plan to)


January 10: Top Ten 2016 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn’t Get To (But TOTALLY plan to)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

I feel like this is a giant shame post


I offer no excuses. I almost can’t believe that I never got to any of these last year, but at the same time, I can believe it because I failed almost every goal I set. I promise that I will be getting to all of these books soon. I’ve heard amazing things about each and every one of them.




Never Night by Jay Kristoff

Morning Star by Pierce Brown

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

And I Darken by Kirsten White

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

The Raven King by Maggie Steivater

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills

The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGee

What are some books you wish you had been able to read in 2016?

December 20: Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree


Good morning book nerds! Its time for another Top Ten Tuesday post and this weeks topic is Books I think Santa should leave under my tree 😉

All of these are books I would love to have but they aren’t books that I’m planning to buy anytime soon.


The Complete Wreck by Lemony Snicket

This is a series that I am DYING to reread 🙂 especially since the Netflix show is going to be airing in January. This is another series that I read as a child but I only remember reading up to book 6 or so before I burnt out on the series and never picked it up again.

Illustrated Game of Thrones
by George R.R. Martin

I feel so conflicted about this. On one hand I really want this but on the other I don’t know if I plan on rereading this anytime soon.

Puffin Bloom Alice in Wonderland

How many editions of Alice in Wonderland can I get away with having? I think I’m up to 3 different editions and I want to add this one to my collection.

Sea of Tranquility
by Katja Millay

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book and I really want to check it out but I guess its just not high on my buying priorities.

Captive Prince
by C.S. Pacat

Another series that I’ve heard a lot about and really want to check it out soon.

On Writing
by Stephen King

I really want to check out the writing master’s memoir on writing. I feel like I could learn a lot about writing from reading this.

Illustrated Pride and Prejudice
by Jane Austen

Ever since finishing this for the first time a week ago its been all I can think about and why wouldn’t I want the illustrated edition of Pride and Prejudice?

The Little House Box Set

Yet another series that I read a lot as a child, again I never finished the series, I read Little House in Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie over and over but never really read past those two.

All The Ugly and Wonderful Things
by Bryn Greenwood

I know theres a lot of controversy going around about this book and I want to read it really badly but its just been so expensive :/

by Jay Kristoff

This sounds so good! I was sold as soon as I heard the words “Japanese steampunk”

How Star Wars Conquered the Universe
by Chris Taylor

I am a huge Star Wars fan and I am trying to talk my bf and mom into sitting down for a Star Wars marathon sometime soon. I also want to read more nonfiction in 2017 and I think this would be an excellent place to start 🙂


December 13: Top Ten Books I’m Looking Forward To For The First Half Of 2017


December 13:  Top Ten Books I’m Looking Forward To For The First Half Of 2017

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

I feel so bad for my wallet in 2017. I think March is going to be a tough month for book shopping because so many good books are coming out in especially that month!

by Susan Dennard
release date: January 10th

by Stephanie Garber
release date: January 31st

A Conjuring of Light
by V.E. Schwab
release date: February 21st

The Bone Witch
by Rin Chupeco
release date: March 7th

The Song Rising
by Samantha Shannon
release date: March 7th

Traitor to the Throne
by Alwyn Hamilton
release date: March 7th

Strange the Dreamer
by Laini Taylor
release date: March 28th

Crown of Wishes
by Roshani Chokshi
release date: March 28th

Always and Forever, Lara Jean
by Jenny Han
release date: April 4th

A Court of Wings and Ruin
by Sarah J Maas
release date: May 2nd

There are of course many many more that I am anticipating (By Your Side, The Hate U Give, Wires and Nerve, Flame in the Mist…)

That’s my anticipated list for 2017, what’s on yours?


Top Ten Tuesday: Wonderful things to buy for your favorite Book Lover


November 29: Holiday Gift Guide freebie (ten books to buy the YA lover in your life, 10 books to buy for your dad, etc.)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Once upon a time I made a similar post called “Ten Bookish things I would like to own”, that post also has some more great gift ideas for book lovers! That post can be found here

You have your classic and obvious gift ideas: gift cards and/or money for books

Classic idea that any book lover would appreciate!

Or here are some other gift ideas book lovers would love

How about a candle that smells like books?
Bookish Candles
find this here

Sweet bookmarks to match their favorite books

find these here

Another cool idea would be to buy some tea that is inspired by books, this one is inspired by Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone 🙂

Tea inspired by books
find this here

Does anyone else love getting socks for Christmas? One of my favorite Christmas gifts I got one were wool socks that I could wear with my hiking boots. I was so happy because wool socks are ridiculously expensive, I would also love to receive these awesome library card socks.  socks-1003_library-card-blue-socks_1_acc7040b-d32c-45ad-9b34-681c6124f1f0_2048x2048
Library Card Socks
Find these here 

This necklace that every single book lover has said in their life at least once.

One more chapter necklace
Find it here

These earrings that are another life motto for book nerds

I’d rather be reading earrings
find these here

An art print with one of their favorite book quotes.
p.s. if you like to make gifts this would be a great DIY project

Art print inspired by books
Find this print here

Check out this tote bag that your favorite book lover could use to haul their books!


Find this here

And my last bookish gift recommendation is to buy your favorite book lover a new book.


I don’t think I can even explain how happy you would make that book lover if you asked them to tell you a few books that they want and then buy that book for them.

My whole life I have heard people say

“You have so many books I don’t want to get you another book because it wouldn’t be special”
No! You have no idea how much I will treasure the shit out that book, to make it even more special, you could write a sweet note on the inside of that book and I will love it until the end of my days.

I’ve also heard
“You have so many books I just don’t know which ones you do and don’t have,”

okay I have three points for this

-It’s the thought that counts. Even if you buy me a book that I already have, just buying the book lets me know that you support my hobby and my interests
-that’s what a gift receipt is for
-Why can’t you just ask if there is a book that I want??

So there you go that is my gift guide for the book lover in your life.