My Fall TBR

Fall Tbr

Happy First Day of Fall!

Just FYI this post is going to be 100% cliche basic white girl. I apologize but only slightly, now to proceed with an onslaught of cliches.

1. “Ah Fall, my time to shine.”

2.”I am a total autumn person and I love this time of year.”

3.”I love feeling cozy and fall is a perfect and preferred time, where I live it’s not too cold so I get to snuggle with lots of cozy blankets and sweaters, drink massive amounts of tea and coffee, and read all the books!”

4.”It is my ideal reading season because it’s usually pouring down rain and who wants to go outside in the rain? Not me.”

As I was typing this up all I could think about was The Office and Phyllis with her rainy day cliches and now I can’t take this post seriously.

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August 2019 Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap Up

Another month has come and gone, this year is going by so fast and I’m not ready for what fall and winter will bring on. I’m already exhausted by the thought of all the socializing I’m going to have to do for the holidays. But I have an event planned for almost every month for the rest of the year so thats exciting.

But lets talk about the reading I did for August.

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May Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap Up
I am so happy that its the last day of May. This month dragged on for me. I keep reflecting back on events that took place at the beginning of the month and it baffles me that they were at the start of the month, it feels like they were two months ago at least. My reading was a little bit slow this month since I had a lot of house projects and yard work but overall it was a pretty good month so let’s get into it. 

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April Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap Up

April was another slow reading month but I really enjoyed everything that I read.

That’s something that I’ve been noticing that even though I haven’t been reading a lot but I’ve been loving what I have been reading.

I had hoped to read more but I was traveling and didn’t have as much time as I had thought I would. I went to Oklahoma to go see my mom and it was a wonderful trip, my grandma came with and so my mom, grandma, little sister, and I all piled into a suburban and went on a little road trip. We drove to Arkansas to go to a state park called the Crater of Diamonds and we drove to Memphis Tennessee to go to Graceland. I had such a wonderful time. As soon as I got back though I was hit with such a packed schedule including my BFs 30th birthday, a ton of work to catch up on, Avengers Endgame, our anniversary and I just didn’t have any mental energy to dedicate to the blog until now, so lets get into April’s Wrap Up.

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February Wrap up 2019

Monthly Wrap Up

February was a bit of a slow month for me, I started playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Skyrim, which is interesting because I hated that game when I first started it but I’ve been giving it a second chance and I am addicted. So that’s taken some reading time away from me but I’ve also been feeling so tired that I start reading but fall asleep so quickly. I keep telling my bf that I feel like I should be hibernating. I’m hoping my reading interest picks up in the spring as the sun starts coming out more.

That being said, I did get a bit of reading done so let’s get into that.

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January 2019 Wrap Up

TBR (1)

Overall January was a bit of a disappointing month for me, I wasn’t in the mood to really read a whole lot. I’m kind of feeling like I’m in a reading slump which is understanding and expected after reading 200 books last year. Id probably be more worried if I wasn’t burnt out. I’ve been spending some time just trying to take it easy and focus on recharging. I’ve watched more TV this month then I have in a long time, despite that I’ve managed to read a handful of books this month so let’s talk about them.

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24 in 48 hr Readathon wrap up

24 in 48 (1)

I didn’t do as well as I hoped I would. I sat down to read Saturday morning after a struggle to even get out of my nice warm bed. I made coffee and breakfast (sweet potato toast with mashed avocado, 10 outta 10 and highly recommend), set up my reading area with blankets, books, I light a candle, sat down, and immediately lost all interest.

I don’t know why but I just wasn’t feeling it, which is such a disappointment because I had been looking forward to this readathon since the last round.

I cant be too mad at myself, I did read more then I would have if there wasn’t a readathon going on. I read for 4 hours, started 3 books, finished 1, and made some progress on another.

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