The Back to School Readathon! PS I’m a cohost :D


I’m so excited for this!

So, over on Goodreads, I’m in a couple groups that are centered around polls. About a week ago another member named Camille posted a poll explaining that she wanted to create a readathon and was looking to see if anyone was interested in participating, cohosting, or helping with the organization. I responded that I would love to help cohost, and it’s happening!

It’s called the BacktoSchool readathon and it’s taking place from August 22nd to the 28 and I’m one of the hosts! I’ll be hosting sprints over on the btsreadathon twitter handle Wednesday the 24th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and I will probably hold reading sprints on my personal twitter 🙂

The idea is to power through as much as your tbr as you can before school starts! I know that for me especially, I had a very difficult time balancing my fun reading with my school reading and assignments.

Go to the Goodreads group for more information!

Your TBR can be however long and however you want it to be, but if you’re like me and you like to do reading challenges: here are the optional reading challenges for the readathon:

  1. Read a short book (Open to interpretation, if you consider it to be a short book then it qualifies)
  2. Read a book over 400+ pages
  3. Read the 1st book in a series
  4. Read a book from the Host Recommendations list
  5. Read a book set in Summer
  6. Read a book that’s been on your TBR over 6 months
  7. read 7 books

*Bonus Challenge!* Procrastinate and watch some Netflix!!

There’s also an Instagram challenges for bookstagram you can choose to partake in 🙂

Monday – take a pic of your TBR pile
Tuesday – your snack or drink
Wednesday – summer books recommendation
Thursday – your reading spot
Friday – show your reading progress
Saturday – a shelfie
Sunday – favorite books you’ve read for school

Please follow @btsreadathon on Instagram – Camille will be reposting her favorite pictures! You just need to use a hashtag #btsreadathonDayX (replace the X with 1-7)


The Outsiders (Under 250 pages)
Ten Thousand Skies Above You (400+ pages)
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (1st in a series)
The Sky is Everywhere (Host Recommendation)
Second Chance Summer (Book set in Summer)
White Hot Kiss (Book on TBR for over 6 months)
I’m choosing to leave my 7th TBR book option empty and I’ll see what I feel like reading when I come to it.

So that’s it for today

let me know if you decide to participate! I think it’ll be super fun 🙂

Books I want to read in July

This is crazy, I feel like I was just writing out my unofficial June TBR and now here I am with my unofficial July TBR. I don’t like how quickly the months are going by!

I really liked last months unofficial tbr, it really took some pressure off and I didn’t feel bad when I wasn’t able to get to a couple of the books on there. So I’m doing that again with some books that I would like to read this month but I wont beat myself up if it doesnt happen


First up: I really want to binge marathon the Heroes of Olympus series, This weekend is the perfect time I think because I have a three day weekend and a late start on Tuesday! Lots of ideal reading time. I’m hoping to get to The Hidden Oracle next week because I really want to read that soon.

p.s. which Heroes of Olympus cover is your favorite? I think mine is definitely Son of Neptune.


I just love that cover!

I also really want to catch up on my CoHo reading with Hopeless and Point of Retreat

I also really need to read

Dreams of Gods and Monsters

This trilogy is so beautiful!

And Never Fade and In the After Light, after that I’ll have completed two trilogies! YAY!

After that I want to read some of my big books and I’m going on vacation for the last two weeks of July (I’ll post more details on that later!) and I cant go on vacation without bringing some books with me and since its a later vacation I’m bringing some big books with me.

The Name of the Wind
A Dance with Dragons
The Queen of the Tearling
All the Light We Cannot See

knowing me I’ll end up adding a couple more books.


So here’s my reading goals for July it seems ambitious but I feel like its doable though which would be pretty awesome.

Have you read any of these?



October TBR


Here’s the list of books I’m hoping to read throughout the month of October. My top 2 priorities are Ready Player One and The Martian, I especially want to read the Martain right away since Corey wants to go and see the movie, probably sometime this weekend, but I don’t want to see the movie until I read the book, I also want to finish Ready Player One before I start the Martain because Ready Player One is just so amazing! Ugh, I forsee some very late nights for me within the next few days…the pressure is on! I can do this!

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