ABC Challenge: Q


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Memorable titles beginning with the letter Q

Queens of Geek

This is amazing, I love the convention setting and the friendships are so pure and just goals.

The Queens Poisoner

This is the first book in the Kingfountain series and it’s fantastic! Such a great start to the series, it’s almost like a prequel to the series.

Queen of Shadows- Hands down the best book in the series! So much happened during this installment and I love the characters that were introduced.

TBR Titles beginning with the letter Q

The Queens Rising


Queens of Innis Lear

NaNoWriMo Update 3


NaNoWriMo User Name- Miss_Ivy

Current Word Count- 31,461, Im pretty far behind but what else is new.

Songs I’ve been listening to- Sarcasm by Get Scared. I dont know why but I have been obsessed with this song and I practically have it on repeat.

My favorite sentence so far- Unfortunatley nothing comes to mind, I know Ive written a few that Ive been fond of but I cant remember what chapters they belong to.

Some favorite snacks- I just baked a batch of brownies and they are everything that I wanted.

NaNoWriMo Update 2


NaNoWriMo User Name- Miss_Ivy
Current Word Count- 23,000 words. I’m still a little behind but its no big deal, I think I can catch up today and if I can, I am going to reward myself with going to Barnes and Noble and buying  a book for every 1000 words I write. If that’s not motivation then I don’t know what is.

Songs I’ve been listening to- Champion by Fall Out Boy

This song has been so inspiring to me. Especially the lyric “If I can live through this, I can do anything!” I just feel like I can take on the world and also take on this novel, I hear that song and I think “yes I got this!”

My favorite sentence so far- I will walk forward, hand in hand with betrayal and heartbreak, as they are my constant companions. 

Some favorite snacks- homemade Pumpkin bread, oh my this is so good, I got the recipe years ago from one of my best friends and its her grandmother or great grandmothers recipe. Also white cheddar rice cakes, I don’t know why but they are so addicting!

Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo?

Tome Topple Readathon TBR


Tome Topple is back for another round! I love participating in Tome Topple which is a two-week readathon created by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes and its centered around reading books that over 500 pages. I participated in the last round back in June/July, had a great time. I read a handful of great books and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the next round.

Tome Topple Round 7 is going to be taking place from November 16th- November 29th

Physical books:

I started The Final Empire last round and decided that I needed to continue with the series for this round, I loved The Final Empire and I am ready to continue with the series. November has been the month of big books for me.

The Well of Ascension
by Brandon Sanderson

The Hero of Ages
by Brandon Sanderson


Some Kind of Perfect
by Krista and Becca Ritchie

The Wise Mans Fear
by Patrick Rothfuss


NaNoWriMo update 1


NaNoWriMo User Name- Miss_Ivy come and be my friend on NaNoWriMo! We can be writing buddies 🙂

Current Word Count- 8,889 words!

I’m a bit behind, I know, but I plan to try to catch up over this weekend, my goal is to get to 15k  and that honestly doesn’t feel daunting, like I think I can do that.

Songs I’ve been listening to- Ship to Wreck by Florence and The Machine. My favorite lyric from this is “I can’t help but pull the Earth around me, to make my bed,” and that lyric is just perfect for my main character.

My favorite sentence so far- “Everyone likes to bring up that that are two sides of every story until the villain wants to tell their side.”

Some favorite snacks- Salt and Vinegar chips and chocolate cake. Not together but I have been craving those things like nothing else. I’ve also been chugging water like I’m gonna run out, weird right? I plan on picking up some clementines and have those to snack on.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Hows it going for you?
Also, I need some snack ideas, what do you like to snack on?

ABC Challenge: N

Graphic design by Jackie at Rattle The Stars

Memorable titles beginning with the letter N

The Name of the Wind

A fantastic epic fantasy, it’s about Kvothe who is telling his entire story to a scribe for the first time, but its so much more than just hearing someone’s life story. There are layers that I just can’t do justice to describe.


This mostly met my expectations, I have a weakness for assassins and school settings, maybe that gave me a bit of a bias when I started this book, but I did enjoy the dark humor and just overall dark this story was.

The Night Circus

This is beautifully written, I’m really not sure what else to say, the circus is written so beautifully and whimsical, this is one of those stories that has a sense of magic pouring off of the pages.

TBR Titles beginning with the letter N


The Nightingale


ABC Challenge: M

graphic design by Jackie at Rattle the Stars

Memorable titles beginning with the letter M

Made You Up

I don’t know what to say about this, Francesca writes such raw and emotional reads with amazing plot twists. She also wrote Eliza and her Monsters and I would recommend both books.

The Martian

I loved the humor in this book and it pulled on my emotions in a strange way, like I cried every time something good happened to him. An excellent survival book.

Maybe Someday

I think this is my favorite CoHo book…one of the top at least…this was also my first CoHo book and that has made it the most memorable.


I think this is the best installment of the trilogy, I loved the story arc so much.

TBR Titles beginning with the letter M

Mrs Dalloway