ABC Challenge: J

graphic by Jackie at Rattle the Stars 

Memorable titles beginning with the letter J

Jane Eyre

This is one of my favorite classics, I adored reading this and already want to reread it.

Just Listen

Easily my favorite of Sarah Dessen’s books and the one I would recommend the most.

TBR Titles beginning with the letter J

Juliet Immortal

Jane Steele


ABC Challenge: H


Memorable titles beginning with the letter H


Harry Potter

How could I not add this? This was practically guaranteed to be on this list. I’m not a monster. Like many other readers, this series was largely influential to me as a young reader and is one of the books that has really shaped me as a person.

The Hate U Give

This was one of my favorite books of 2017, I devoured it in one day and I have thought about it also every single day since then. I’ve also pushed my grandma and best friend to read it and I’ll probably push it on my mom next. Who else is really excited for the movie yet like you know you’re gonna cry…I am! I’m excited and I know I’m gonna cry.


This is easily one of my top favorite CoHo books, its one that I think about often and one that I really want to reread soon.


Another NA romance that I want to reread soon. I’m not quite what to say about it I loved seeing these characters grow. I just need to reread it and see if my feelings for it are the same.

TBR Titles beginning with the letter H


I had to add in this gem from the Nightmare Before Christmas for obvious reasons.

Hemingway’s Girl


ABC Book Challenge: the letter G


Memorable titles beginning with the letter G

I think Gemina might be my favorite out of the trilogy, its the one I think about the most, I kinda wanna reread it now.

I loved Graceling, it’s been a few years since I’ve read it but I still think about it pretty often.

Girl Made of Stars
This is a recent favorite read, it is so beautifully written. It will make your heart ache and weep, I cried while reading it, and I couldn’t get enough of the story. Loved.

The Gentleman’s Guide of Vice and Virtue
Oh Monty! I love him and miss him. This was a book that definitely lived up to its hype.

TBR Titles beginning with the letter G


Girl From Everywhere

The Girl in the Steel Corset

The Girl on the Train

ABC Book Challenge: C


Memorable titles beginning with the letter C

Clockwork Princess
Crooked Kingdom

I don’t even know what I can even say about any of those titles! They are so amazing and popular and I really don’t think I can say anything original about any of them! Cinder is an amazing introduction to Science Fiction if you’re wanting to get into that genre but don’t know where to start. Clockwork Princess is the best finale I have ever read, I still feel very emotional about that one scene and it’s been 3 years since I’ve read this book. Crooked Kingdom is a fantastic ending to Six of Crows, not quite Clockwork Princess level, but its close.

TBR Titles beginning with the letter C

Cats Cradle
Kurt Vonnegut is an interesting author and I really enjoy his satirical humor. I wasn’t a big fan of Slaughterhouse 5 but I want to give this one a shot soon.

The Crowns Game
Im a little iffy to start this one, I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about it, I even picked it up once and tried to read it but the beginning was a bit slow. So, idk I’ll read it eventually.

The Changlings Journey
I want to read this so badly and I don’t know why I haven’t yet. I think it’s because I have this weird mental image of the conditions(?) that I want to read this. I don’t know how to explain it. A weird excuse I know.


ABC Book Challenge “B”


Last week I talked about memorable books that started with the letter A; this week will be the letter B.

Memorable titles beginning with the letter B

Bright We Burn
This was a great conclusion to a fun trilogy set in a really interesting time period.

The Book Thief
What can I say about the Book Thief that hasn’t already been said before?

The Bone Season
This was an amazing introduction to a great series, I love the clairvoyant system and all the characters are so fleshed out and realistic.

TBR Titles beginning with the letter B

The Bell Jar
Blood for Blood
The Black Prism
The Belles

ABC Book Challenge “A”


What a super fun idea! I saw this on Jacquie’s blog at Rattle The Stars and knew instantly that I wanted to try this out too! I just love the idea of going through the alphabet and my books this way.

Memorable Titles That Start With “A”

There were so many things I loved about this book there was the romance and the seminar class. I can’t remember another book that was set in Utah.

All Your Perfects
I recently read this and really enjoyed this, seeing a husband and wife find their way back to each other and fix their marriage was great to see.

American Gods
This was a phenomenal read! I love everything about the story and all the different mythologies combining together.

Anna and the French Kiss
I loved this romance, Stephanie Perkins writes amazing romances and there was something about the Paris setting that made it feel different from the way other books talk about Paris, there was something refreshing about it.

This was a fun dark angel trilogy that I couldn’t get enough of. There’s a lot of action and a forbidden romance that is super addicting.

I adored this, I wrote an entire review about why I enjoyed it.

Books Starting With “A” On My TBR

The Archived
Across the Universe
Assassins Heart
All the Light We Cannot See