TBR Books that I have not read

Lately, I don’t make a lot of TBRs, however, I do make TBRs for readathons and I’ll make TBRs/goals for the year. A couple of examples are that I’ll make lists of books that I want to read before the year is over or books that I want to read during the summer.

I had this idea to go back through my old tbr lists for readathons, months, WWW Wednesday and journal lists just to compile the Ultimate List of Failed TBR Books. I just thought it would be interesting to see a complete list of books that I’ve meant to read and also, how many times has one book been on multiple tbrs?

I don’t know if you’ll find this as interesting as I do but in case you do, have you thought of doing something similar?

This started off interesting and now I just feel bad about myself, for example, All the Light We Cannot See has been on 10 different TBRs! Why haven’t I read this yet when I so obviously want to? The same thing with Ice like Fire, 13 times I’ve intended to sit down and read this? I’m so embarrassed.

None of these numbers were close to what I was expecting them to be. Rest assured some of these have been moved into my top priority. I’m counting on you to hold me accountable.


My top priorities are now: All The Light We Cannot See, Ice like Fire, Heartless, The Inexplicable Logic of my Life, and The Darkest Magic.


I think this would be fun/interesting to do again at the end of the year, just to check in and see where I’m at and what I’ve been able to cross off.

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