April Book Haul

The mountains are yearning.

Something miraculous happened…I bought two books in the month of April!

April always seems to be a slow release month, there weren’t many books coming out that I had to have. There were two though so let’s get into it.


European Travel for the Monsterous Woman
by Theodora Goss

The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter intrigued me right away with the synopsis and my plan had been to read that book on my flight and then read this throughout my traveling. That didn’t happen but I’m still happy I picked this up because that is one gorgeous cover! I adore all of the colors and the design. I really liked the first book The Strange Case of the Alchemists Daughter and I will be starting this very soon.


When We Left Cuba
by Chanel Cleeton

I needed this so badly after I finished Next Year in Havana, I knew that I wanted a Beatriz novel. She was such an interesting character and she was in such a unique situation. She kind of reminded me of Evelyn Hugo with her mystery and allure. I was very excited to hear that her story was being told and I knew that I needed it asap.

And that’s my April book haul, short and sweet.

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