Do you have a book cart?

Book Cart

I think I’m a little late to this trend but I’m usually always late to trends so what else is new?
However, I’ve been seeing photos of book carts all over Instagram and I watched Jessethereader vlog building his book cart on Youtube, and I am intrigued about this trend.

photo from slowreadersclub Instagram

I was wanting to get a Raskog cart from Ikea when they first were released because they just seem so functional! I read blog post after blog post (I also adore that herb garden cart and that might become a thing) about ideas on what to do with your Raskog cart and then I started seeing knock off carts at Target and Walmart and I still want one but I would have never thought about using it to store books.

I’m curious about why this has become a trend. I think they are aesthetically pleasing but I’m curious to see if there’s a further purpose for a book cart. I fall to trends really easily so this time I’m trying to take a step back and think “is this something that I really need?”

After reading some other blog posts like perpetualpageturner and how she uses her book cart to organize various book piles like tbr and library books and she had some other ideas. I think I’m coming around to the idea, but with things like this I am just ridiculous when selecting books for things like this, it’s like a life or death solution and it’ll haunt me if I don’t select the “right” book, but I do love this idea of storing my favorite books on one cart or storing some tbr books there or maybe I can store my nonfiction or classics all together.

Ideas are forming in my head, I already have plans to go to Walmart this weekend, my bf and I are upgrading a couple of house things so that they work better for us like we’re replacing a coat hook with a coat rack that has more than one hook and installing wall baskets in the kitchen. Things like that, just trying to work with the space we have. So if I see the cart at Walmart then I’m going to get it and if I don’t then that’s fine I guess. I really like the idea of it replacing an end table and storing books at the same time.

What do you think about this trend?
Do you have a book cart?
I would love to see pictures or hear ideas and thoughts about book carts, also if I end up buying one should I blog about the setup and organization?

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