An Update on my NaNoWriMo project and an Excerpt

Nanowrimo wip

Last November I participated in NaNoWriMo for the third time and as the saying goes the third time really was the charm. This was the first NaNo round that I won and I’m super excited about it. I originally saw a post called WIP Wednesday but I wanted to post this today mostly because I don’t have anything else lined up today.

Does anyone else not like posting multiple posts a day? I used to post quite a few a day but my blog didn’t really do as well as it does even I just post every day.

I wrote out multiple NaNoWriMo updates (1, 2, 3, 4) but I went back and read them over again and I realized that I never talked about what I was going to write about because I wasn’t ready back then, but I think I am now. I guess if I realize that I’m really not ready to talk about it then I just won’t post this and no one will ever know, works for me.


I had been neck deep in a bit of writer’s block for a couple years, I had a few ideas but I really didn’t have any desire to tell those stories. They were just snippets that I would think about every so often and never follow through on. Until one day I was thinking about an assassin character who is immune to poisons and kills her marks with a poison kiss. This character (although I didn’t realize it at the time,) was heavily inspired by Poison Ivy from the DC Comics universe. Poison Ivy or Pamela Isley is one of my favorite characters of all time, I straight up adore her. I started writing this story about a poison kiss and it wasn’t working out, Poison Ivy isn’t an assassin kind of character, she’s not a knife in the dark, she’s bold and upfront about what she does. I really struggled to get the story out so I put it aside for a while and thought about what story I did want to tell. After a year or so I realized that I wanted to tell Poison Ivy’s story or at least, what I think happened, and that felt right.

giphy (2)

I started researching her character more and more, I read multiple comics, watched Batman tv shows what she was in, movies, and started gathering facts and thinking about what her motivations were. Then on November 1st, I started writing.

giphy (1)

I wanted to write about what Pamela’s life must have been like before Gotham before she got her powers. One of DCs writers gave her a backstory set in Seattle and that’s where I wanted to start, college life in Seattle (not that I have any experience), and see her life unfold from there and up to her crime debut in Gotham City. That was my goal and I was able to accomplish it. I hit the 50K mark and said “I need a break,” I took December and most of January off. I think I’m ready to start editing but I honestly have no idea where to start or what I want to do so if you have any editing tips I would love to hear them.

So I actually don’t have my story with me today, it’s not on this flash drive, I do have a separate section so I’ll just post this even though it isn’t my favorite thing I’ve written.


“Don’t you dare lecture me about that darling,” she said throat scratching. She swung a fist at him and he ducked out of the way at the last moment, a small smirk on his lips. He was toying with her and just as well, she wasn’t a hard hitter anyways, her background in gymnastics left her with impressive flexibility that meant she was able to kick higher and harder. Her kickboxing instructor was always commenting on her kicks and that’s what she spent most of her sessions focusing on.

“I have spent years of my life trying to help make a difference. I’ve done the picketing, the boycotting, I’ve participated in sit-ins and I’ve gone around collecting signatures. That was my life for years!”

Her boot left a print on his thigh. She feinted a punch to his left and his hand raised up to shield against her, leaving his side wide open, another kick straight to his ribs. She thought she heard a crack. but he didn’t look like a man that had been hurt by her. She kept pushing her attack forward. She’d studied his fighting techniques a couple of days before when he was fighting with that split personality guy, Harold or Harvey, and knew that if she gave a single opening he would pounce on it before she realized what she had done. She kept trying to push him back but he mostly stood his ground. I wish I had something to distract him, like the pheromone oil I was working on the other day. That formula still needed days to cultivate. Why couldn’t it just be ready? She thought to herself.

Please don’t judge my excerpt too harshly, I know it needs a lot of work but it’ll get there, I hope.

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