Books I Want to Reread

books to reread

I don’t often reread books, I’ve noticed that this is something that’s happened since I started blogging, I often feel like I need to keep reading new to me books and that rereading books won’t provide much content for my blog. I also have a pretty bad shopping habit so I accumulate books frequently and often feel bad if I am rereading a book when I have so many that I need to focus on instead.

This is something I was thinking about while I was reading Kingdom of Ash, I found myself wanting to reread the entire Throne of Glass series to refresh my mind on the events that lead up to this and also to see the character progression for everyone. From there I started thinking about other books just to see if my opinions change or if I were to notice different things, or just to enjoy something wonderful all over again.

These are the first choices that immediately came to mind when I started drafting this, for the most part, these are some of my top favorite books.

The Night Circus

I really want to revisit the Night Circus setting, this story was so well written and the setting is beautiful.

Emma and Pride and Prejudice

I honestly didn’t care for Emma the first time I read it, yet I want to give it a second chance now that I’m more familiar with the storyline. I also want to reread Pride and Prejudice, simply for Mr. Darcy.

On Writing

I honestly feel like I’ve forgotten a lot of what’s talked about here, plus now that I’ve read a Stephen King novel, I really want to revisit his writing advice now that I have something to compare it with. Not compare but like pick out examples I guess.

The Throne of Glass series

Harry Potter (3 out of 7 have been reread already)

I started rereading the series back in December of 2018, I started rereading the illustrated editions and I have a fantastic time doing so. They really enhanced the reading experience in a way that I wasn’t expecting. I also haven’t reread the series since book 7 came at least. Its been a while for me. This time in my reread I’m focusing a little less on the story since I do know it already, but I’m studying the structure and the details within it. I was amazed at the story before but now I’m in awe of her skills overall, her foreshadowing is so casual. I’m now waiting for the Illustrated edition of Goblet of Fire to come out, I just heard that the release date is October 8th, 2019.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy and Strange the Dreamer duology

I love Laini Taylors writing and I just want to reread everything now. If you haven’t read anything of hers I highly recommend either series, they are both wonderful.


How often do you reread books and are you planning on rereading any soon?



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