Bookish Review of 2018

I already did a midyear check-in for 2018 and I’m not going to repeat any of those choices, although I do still love them. This has been an amazing year for me, reading wise, I’ve been reading so many fantastic books that narrowing this list down was difficult.

The Fellowship of the Ring
Kingdom of Ash
The Wise Mans Fear
Mistborn trilogy
A Reaper at the Gates
My Plain Jane
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Honorable Mentions
All The Light We Cannot See
A Crown of Wishes
City of Brass
The Mime Order
The Book Thief

Top 10 of my Least Favorites of 2018 
The Picture of Dorian Gray

I hated this, I like hate read it back in January and the more I read, the more I hated. I was not a fan of the characters, except for Basil he deserved better, they were pretentious and full of themselves and I don’t want to hear how the world works from rich white men. Also there is a scene where a suicide is romanticized and I was done after that.

A Wrinkle in Time

I was so intrigued by this after seeing the movie trailer but this really flopped for me. I found it to be slow and boring.

Glass Sword

I hated all the travelling that took place in this and the characters didn’t have any growth. I also hated everyone’s attitude.

The Raven King

I was so disappointed in this as a finale, it was anticlimactic and events that were built up through 3 books weren’t even that important in the end. I just didn’t care for that.

Under the Lights

A constant trope that I am just not into is the overprotective alpha male that is obsessive and jealous. I just hate it and cannot get over it.

War Storm

Another finale letdown, again it was anticlimactic. Events that were built up throughout the series didn’t matter.

What I Thought Was True

I remember feeling so annoyed about this because she took so long to build a poor vs rich relationship. I was so annoyed because it shouldn’t take that long to build that kind of conflict because we are all familiar with rich dates poor.


I hated this character because she had such an amazing opportunity but she whined and dragged her feet and it just really bothered me.

Frost Like Night

I hated Meera and Mather, I wanted to reach through and just smack both of them. Meera had this attitude of “only I can do this” which is so frustrating and Mather was so full of himself. It was another example of couples who don’t communicate or trust each other or want to depend on others.


Ugh Cassandra. One of the worst characters ever. She was so self important and so self righteous that I just rolled eyes and basically skimmed her chapters.

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