WWW Wednesday 10/31

WWW Wednesdays

Good morning and Happy Halloween!

I am so excited for today, I love Halloween and I am finally going to watch the remake of It tonight, I just finished reading It yesterday and I am excited to see how it adapts into a movie. I don’t think it’s going to be something that really scares me but we will see.

I’m also very happy about the fact that I get to go pick up Kingdom of Ash today, I finally got paid and I get to get it, I have been waiting for this for so long (its only been a week but it feels longer!) I’m anxious to see how this series ends.\

Lets get into my reading week!

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World Of Words. Simply answer the following questions:

What did you recently finish reading?

What are you currently reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

What did you recently finish reading?

Daughter of The Burning City
by Amanda Foody

I didnt love this as much as I thought I would, it was a very slow start and it took me a while to connect with the story and the characters but it slowly won me over and I was anxious to see where the story was going to go next.

Anansi Boys
by Neil Gaiman

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this, the story was enjoyable enough but I’m confused about where this ties in with American Gods, Goodreads tells me that this is book 2 in the American Gods series but there’s not much to connect the two, just one of the characters in Anansi Boys is also in American Gods and didn’t even resemble to be the same character! So overall story was fine just don’t expect this to be a part two to American Gods like I did.

by Stephen King

I finished It! And I actually enjoyed it! I only read 40ish pages a day but I was absorbed in the story, there were quite a few slow parts but I love how this story was woven together, there were so many threads and layers to this story and I am in awe over how they came together so seamlessly.

Hocus Pocus
by AW Jantha

Ugh, this was terrible, the sequel was anyways and I would just rather pretend like it never happened. Part one which is the novelization of the movie, I thought was well done, a few details were added in that I thought filled some plot gaps very nicely. The pace of the book was very slow and I had some issues with the narration.

Shattered Blue
by Laurie Bird Horowitz

I decided to listen to this audiobook after I finished Anansi Boys and I went into this not knowing anything about it and boy was I surprised! For some reason, I thought this was a contemporary book and then I learned that it’s about Fae. Was not expecting that. I thought it was fine, wasn’t heavily into it, but it was an enjoyable read.


What are you currently reading?

The Phantom of the Opera
by Gaston Leroux

This is my current audiobook and I am really enjoying this, it’s making me want to rewatch the movie so badly, I like the way the narration is set. There’s something about it that’s reminding me of a crime drama, which I wasn’t expecting. The author keeps talking about his investigation and it also feels like a case file in a weird way.

Trial by Fire
by Josephine Angelini

I’m not enjoying this as much I thought I would, its centered around an alternate reality set in Salem Massachusetts where witches are real and our main character is a powerful witch. Love the premise, love everything about it. But the execution has been a bit slow and boring, also kinda info-dumpy in parts, and right now not much is happening. Hopefully, it picks up?

What do you think you’ll read next?


The Wise Mans Fear
by Patrick Rothfuss

After I finished It I felt the need for another big book to read and I’ve been meaning to get to this since I finished book 1 back in April. I can’t wait to get back into this world and be reunited with these characters.

What are you reading this week?

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