ABC Challenge: H


Memorable titles beginning with the letter H


Harry Potter

How could I not add this? This was practically guaranteed to be on this list. I’m not a monster. Like many other readers, this series was largely influential to me as a young reader and is one of the books that has really shaped me as a person.

The Hate U Give

This was one of my favorite books of 2017, I devoured it in one day and I have thought about it also every single day since then. I’ve also pushed my grandma and best friend to read it and I’ll probably push it on my mom next. Who else is really excited for the movie yet like you know you’re gonna cry…I am! I’m excited and I know I’m gonna cry.


This is easily one of my top favorite CoHo books, its one that I think about often and one that I really want to reread soon.


Another NA romance that I want to reread soon. I’m not quite what to say about it I loved seeing these characters grow. I just need to reread it and see if my feelings for it are the same.

TBR Titles beginning with the letter H


I had to add in this gem from the Nightmare Before Christmas for obvious reasons.

Hemingway’s Girl


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