Van Life. My Latest obsession.


                        Volkswagon or Mercedes?

This has been a topic that has been on my mind at least once a day or so for the last two or three months. I adore this idea of converting a van into a living space. Can you imagine what it would be like to drive around the country and up through Canada and down into Mexico? What a delightful way to travel and see more of the world.

I watched a vlog on YouTube about a couple showing everything that they own and can pack up into two backpacks! That is insane to me and I want to try it. This vlog also mentions their plan to buy a van in Poland, convert it, and travel throughout Europe in their van.

If it was possible to die from jealousy I would have right then and there.

The mere words jealousy and envy don’t sum up the emotions I felt watching that vlog. I want that to be my life. I have always wanted to backpack through Europe, that has been a dream of mine for the last ten or so years. While the top priority cities have changed, the dream and passion haven’t. I have always had a strong desire to travel and see new places, enjoy different foods, and meet new people. I’ve planned trips the way some little girls plan their dream wedding, fervent and ever since I was little.

And backpacking does sound amazing and something I’m still dying to do. I’ve never been too fond of the idea of taking the train everywhere. Don’t get me wrong it would be an amazing way to travel. I do know what train isn’t the only mode of transportation but when I was planning my backpacking trip at 16, the train was the main way of travel.
I wouldn’t have to worry about driving. I would get to take the view and not worry if my USA driver’s license was valid in the present country.

What I don’t like though is living my life around other schedules. I already get annoyed by movie times and having to plan my time around seeing a movie in the theater. Can you imagine how annoyed I would get living around a train schedule? This is the main reason why I hate taking the bus, despite its convenience and eco-friendly benefits. I like to just be on my own time and arrive when I want to and leave when I want to. On the other hand, I hate driving. I was in no rush to learn to drive or get my license, and I also despise parking and refuse to Parallel Park. I do need to get over that and learn how to do it well. I don’t know where this fits in with this topic but its just a little fact about me.

I want to be able to say that I’ve visited every country in Europe, every state in the USA. That I’ve traveled throughout Asia and South America and have seen so many wonders of the world. Thinking about how I would see the world through the windshield of my van? That I would be driving myself to these amazing destinations, that feels so right to me. Like that’s what I should be doing with my life, that’s what I’ve been working and dreaming for.

I read a book called Van Life: Exploring the Northwest with two dogs and a cat, by an author named Sarah Leamy. This book instantly appealed to me for many reasons.

1.) It’s set in the Northwest where I live so yay local!
2.) Its nonfiction so this is her experience.
3.) The subject is Van life, of course, I’m interested.
4.) A selfish part of me is wondering about the possibility to travel with my cat. Whenever I’m gone for a period of time, longer then a work day at least, I miss my cats so much. Yet, if it were possible they could adapt to van life…life would be perfect.

And that sounds crazy to travel with my cat but one of my coworkers has friends that take their cat camping with them, and her parents split their time between two cities and take their cat with them. It’s certainly unusual to travel with a cat but…I think/hope it would be possible.

I’ve been spending so much time watching Van Life videos on YouTube. My three favorites include Susi Cruz. I adore her personality, I love watching her adventures, and her van is so dreamy and amazing. Along with the Minimal Millennials, especially watching their conversion process. And Eamon and Bec with all their tips and tricks.

There are no other words, I’m straight up obsessed. Corey is semi on board. He’s not fond of the idea of living in a van full time but he likes the idea of converting a van and traveling.

I start to hesitate at the idea of what I would pack to move into the van. There’s no way my book collection could fit unless I used them as the base of construction…logging that impractical idea for later.

I do have a kindle and I could, in all honesty, start replacing my physical books with eBooks but I love my physical book collection so much.
I have no problem with the idea of scaling down my possessions for other areas of my house.
Clothes? No problem I’ve been trying to do that as well.
Kitchen supplies? Yeah, downsizing there has been a goal too.
There are other areas that aren’t coming to mind. I’m just reluctant when it comes to books and my plants. I also wouldn’t be able to have a garden and that thought makes me sad too. I love my plants.

Sadly, this lifestyle isn’t something that’s going to be happening soon. I have things in my life to figure out first, save some moolah, and figure out what I want for Van Life. Up top, I added the two pictures of a Volkswagon bus and a Mercedes Sprinter van. Two options that are ideal in my book. The Volkswagon is so iconic and I love Volkswagon. The VW Bus is just what I picture in my head but it’s so impractical because they are really old vehicles, the parts aren’t always readily available, and they are known to break down more often. They also aren’t stealthy and there are cities in the US where it is illegal to live in your car (which is bullshit but that’s a rant for another time)

The Sprinters are so expensive, most of the time they can only be taken to the dealership when they need work done. But they are so versatile, more stealthy, and there are so many guides for working on one. There are always pros and cons for everything so I don’t expect there to be this perfect fit for me. I’m just going to be looking for the best option for me.

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