Top Ten Tuesday Back to School: New Non-Fiction on My TBR


Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

August 28: Back to School/Learning Freebie (in honor of school starting back up soon, come up with your own topic that fits the theme of school or learning! Books that take place at school/boarding school/during study abroad, books you read in school, textbooks you liked/didn’t like, non-fiction books you loved or want to read, etc.)

I don’t read a lot of non-fiction. If you look on my Goodreads, I have 14 non-fiction books shelved as read, and all of them have come from the last two years. Non-Fiction has never been something that I reach over. Lately, I have found topics that I am very passionate about and have been trying to find books on those topics or memoirs of people that I really admire.

I’ve sorted the list into topic groups so I can talk a little bit more about each topic and I’ve given myself “homework” but since I like these topics it won’t be as bad as actual homework.

Here we go-Newest Non-Fiction on my TBR

Feminism has always been a huge passion of mine and one that has grown over the years.


my homework? Keep reading and keep learning about the amazing women before me.
1.) Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett
2.) Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrl Revolution by Sarah Marcus

I have been so interested in Zero Waste ever since I moved into my own house and I want to learn everything I can on this topic.


My homework? Start practicing what I read about to get my life more zero waste friendly.
3.) Plastic Purge by Michael SanClements
4.) Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

Van Life is a newer interest but its also one that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I am in love with the idea of building a camper van and road tripping the United States, it just sounds amazing.


My homework? Find out how possible this dream is.
5.) Van Life your home on the road by Foster Huntington
6.) Van Life: Exploring the Northwest by Sarah Leamy

Bohemian style (life, fashion, home, anything and everything) is always how I see my alter ego, and I’ve recently realized that it doesn’t have to be an alter ego, I can start incorporating it into my life and embrace it.


My homework? Read and see if there’s anything I can adapt, also learn all the proper ways to take care of my houseplants.
7.) The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney
8.) Urban Jungle by Igor Josifovic

(I’m kinda coping out and lumping houseplants in with bohemian because my ideal bohemian house would have lots of houseplants.)

Sharks have always been an interest of mine, I’ve loved learning about them ever since I was very young and I saw someone reading this during the 24in48 hours readathon, I immediately added it to my TBR.


My homework? I got nothing, just read more about a fish that I like.
9.) Demon Fish by Juliet Eilperin

Holistic health has been a new interest of mine, one that I am very slowly looking into. I’ve been very fascinated by holistic beauty and skincare but for actual health? I don’t know where to start.


My homework? Start here with this book.
10.) Body Into Balance by Maria Noel Groves

What topic did you write about for this Top Ten Tuesday?
Do we have any similar interests?

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