Tome Topple Wrap Up

So I participated in Tome Topple round 6 which took place from June 29th-July 12th, I didn’t focus too heavily on the challenges because I already knew what books I was going to dedicate to Tome Topple.

But I did complete some the challenges like to read more than 1 tome, read a tome that is part of a series (Never Fade), read an adult novel (Warbreaker and American Gods). I just didn’t buddy read a tome or a graphic novel, which I never seem to do during this readathon.

This was my set tbr: Warbreaker, American Gods, and Anna Karenina.

I added on Never Fade to continue with the Darkest Minds trilogy, I don’t even remember why I picked it, it feels like it was a random choice.

Books Read:
American Gods-541 pages (<3 ❤ My fave from the readathon! ❤ ❤
Warbreaker- 676 pages
Anna Karenina- 803 pages (least fave)
Never Fade- 507 pages
Mistborn: The Final Empire- 120 pages

Page read total- 2,647 pages in two weeks. I am immensely proud of myself, I read a new author, continued with a series, and read a classic. I am super happy with what I was able to accomplish with this readathon and super happy that I read these books that I was just putting off because of how big they were.

Did you participate in the readathon or have you read any of these?
Whats the biggest book you’ve read that you’re proud of?

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