The Great Debate: Discussing Book Formats

First things first, I saw this gaming meme and I thought it could translate well to the bookish community so I made the appropriate changes.


How great is that?? I laughed so hard when I saw it because it’s so true. I feel as if the book community is less extreme about the format because a book is a book, it doesn’t quite matter how it gets read so long as we’re able to read it.

I have used and loved both print books and ebooks, I was a big supporter of ebooks for a couple years but then I found my way back to print books and I have stayed with my print books. Now the only time I will read on my kindle is for New Adult books since they are mostly in ebook form or novellas for series.

Rating system
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ = My preferred format.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ = second best
❤ ❤ ❤ = Eh, I guess
❤ ❤ = Do I really have to?
<3= Nope, don’t want to

Hardcover vs Paperback vs E-book vs Audiobook

Hardcover Books:

They are pretty! You have pretty dust jackets, gorgeous endpapers, beautiful spines, and sometimes the naked book is just as beautiful!
So much work goes into making a hardcover book.
They are fairly sturdy! They don’t get bent as easily as a paperback would, you don’t have to worry about the cover bending or ripping. (At least I don’t since I take off my dust jackets as I’m reading the book)

Aesthetically pleasing: there’s something about seeing a shelf full of hardcover books lined up. I just love it!


More expensive than paperbacks: you will typically almost always spend twice as much money on a hardcover. Is it worth it? For me? Yeah. Most of the time I buy hardcovers because the book just came out or it matches the format for the rest of my books.

Dustjackets: Dustjackets annoy the hell out of me. They get in the way of my reading experience so I usually take them off but then I worry about losing them or if someone is going to accidently throw them away.

The Weight: Hardcovers are heavy! Anyone who’s read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or The Deathly Hallows in hardcover will remember the ache in the wrists or the arms from having to hold up those books.


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

My preference is almost always for hardcover books. I even have a goal to replace my paperback copies with hardcover versions.




Cheaper: Most YA paperbacks are about 8-10 dollars a pop, now you could go to an outlet or used bookstore and they will be much cheaper but in my experience, they usually don’t have the books that I’m looking for.


Cover and pages get bent easier: Usually, I carry my books in my purse or backpack and more than once I have gone to pull my book out and the cover has been bent or torn, pages have been bent, or something else has happened. I know there are some people who think that book blogging, Booktube, and Bookstagram has made us shallow in the appearance of our books but I am perfectly okay with being shallow about how my books look. I paid a good chunk of my money for my books and I want to take care of my possessions, I don’t dog-ear my books, I don’t like to crack the spine, I just like my bookshelves to look neat and orderly. Paperbacks don’t really do that, the more you read them the more wear and tear they get and the messier they look.

One thing that really annoys me with adult fiction books is their price, at a store, a paperback copy will be anywhere from 14-17 dollars. For a paperback book! That annoys me so much. Along with the fact that hardcovers can cost up to 30 dollars, it really frustrates me.


❤ ❤ ❤

If I have to, but usually I go for hardcovers


For a couple years, I was a huge Ebook supporter. I bought everything in ebook form and I’m not sure what happened to reform me back into loving physical copies but that happened.


Convenience: With an e-reader, you can carry anywhere from 3 or 4 books to 500 or even more! That does stand for something.

Lighter: It’s really easy to read with e-readers, whether you are laying down, sitting up, inside, outside; most devices are under 2 lbs., my Kindle Paperwhite is about .5 lbs. which is ridiculous when you think about it.

Travel-friendly: When I went to California I brought down two giant suitcases full of stuff for my mom so I had to check those, those suitcases also held my stuff for the weekend in them. I didn’t want to stuff books in them and add to the weight so I brought my kindle with and downloaded 4 books for it and since I was only gone for a long weekend I just returned the ebooks I bought.

Most e-readers will allow you to read in the dark. No lamps/reading lights/Christmas lights needed.

Snowed in while binge reading the hunger games? Buy and download Mockingjay and binge away*

*True story- I was snowed in at my apartment (I couldn’t get my VW bug out of the snow for the life of me) and I was finishing up Catching Fire and needed Mockingjay more than anything!

Gray Area 

I wasnt sure where to place this so I made a gray area, but the ebooks that are .99 cents are both a blessing and a curse. I cant resist them and I cant even stop myself, I must buy the book if its .99 cents.



Ereaders are my last resort reading preference. I would rather hold the physical copy

The price. I will not spend more than 3 or 4 dollars and if I can buy the physical copy for less than the ebook version then you can bet with surety that I am buying that physical copy. And if you ever hear that I purchased an ebook for $10 then I have surely been abducted by aliens.

And let’s really discuss the price; I realize that authors have to get paid. Trust me that is not my issue BUT 10 dollars is a lot of money for me (to put in perspective: I make 13.50 an hour, to buy that 10 dollar book I have to work for one hour, for that I want to physically hold that copy to assure myself that working for that hour was worth it.) Also at the end of the day I don’t want to pay 10 dollars for a digital file, I’m just not going to do that.

I’ve found that I have a harder time connecting to the characters in the story if I’m reading a digital copy.

I cannot read on a computer screen. I don’t know what it is but I can’t do it. You know there’s that read now feature on Kindle that lets you read it on your computer screen? My bestie does that at work, if she has a free moment then she pulls up amazon and reads that way, I’ve tried on days when I leave my kindle at home or it’s dead or I forgot to bring another book for when I finish the current one, but I did not like reading that way. This also applies to reading a PDF on the screen, an old friend of mine sent me a rough draft of her story to read and I had to print it out because the PDF format was giving me a headache.


❤ ❤

Meh, I really only use it to read New Adult books.



I typically listen to audiobooks when I’m driving or doing chores around the house.



Sometimes I have to make myself listen to them, I am typically a mood listener with music and because the Hamilton Musical has taken over my life…usually, I’m listening to that more than my audiobook. If I’m doing a longer drive though then I am definitely listening to an audiobook. Gotta get those stats

The only other problem I have with audiobooks is the attention span that’s needed to focus on the story. Because of this, I typically only listen to books that I need to reread. So if a sequel is coming out and its been over 6 months since I’ve read the first book then I will listen to the audiobook.


❤ ❤ ❤

I think that just about covers everything I could say about the ebook vs print book debate, what are your thoughts? Did I forget to cover something in this list? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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