My heart is broken

This isn’t book related but I had so many thoughts and was feeling so much emotion that I had to write it all down.

I’m a newer My Chemical Romance fan, but when I fell in love with that band, I fell hard. They are one of my top 3 favorite bands and I listen to one of their albums every single day.

Yesterday a very cryptic video was released by My Chemical Romance.

A white flag with a black cross billowing in the breeze while the Black Parade played in the background, followed by a date: 9/23/16

I watched it, didn’t blink for a second while it was playing, I screamed when I saw the date and immediately burst into tears, I cried happy tears for so long yesterday. I would think about it and start to tear up, I listened to all the albums as I thought what could this date mean?

As a hopelessly devoted fangirl who didn’t get to go to the last tour, to me this could only mean one thing: The announcement of the long awaited Reunion Tour.

Cue the happy tears.

I have been stalking the My Chemical Romance website for months and for months under the Tour tab it says “Check back soon for more details on the upcoming tour.”

Of course my mind jumps to the conclusion that this date will be the announcement of the reunion tour. Why wouldn’t it?

I have never met another My Chemical Romance fan who wouldn’t sell their soul and plead and beg for just one more tour.

That’s not what that video was about.

Cue straight up sobbing.


That video was just an announcement for an anniversary release for The Black Parade.

I felt my heart break when I read that.

Is it my fault that I got my hopes up?

Is it my fault that my heart is broken?

Do I still feel like my emotions have been played with?


I think that was overall a cruel thing for My Chemical Romance to do. I am not the only one who jumped to that conclusion, I am not the only one devastated. My Chemical Romance still has a high demand and a high fan base and releasing that cryptic video really played with the fans emotions and I don’t think that’s an acceptable thing to do. They know how strong their fan base is and they should have known that the fans would be so hopeful to immediately jump to that conclusion that the bands going on tour.

After all the hope springs eternal.

I have crying on and off all morning, and I cant listen to My Chemical Romance without crying. It kills me to say that I may need to take a break from this until my heart heals itself.

Thank you for reading this. I had to get it off my chest.

13 thoughts on “My heart is broken

  1. I thought this and had these same opinions for a while now, and I was actually pretty mad. But one of my friends jumped in and spilled everything before I could even begin to think that it was My Chemical Romance who did this to us. It wasn’t them at all, and I’m telling the truth. If the members of MCR had a choice, they wouldn’t have released that album at all. They don’t legally own any of their music, and it was all Warner Bros. that did this. Think of how many people immediately went out and bought a Living With Ghosts t-shirt when it was released. Think of how many people bought the ALBUM. That’s a lot of money that’s being taken from the whole fan base, a whole fan base that had previously been in tears but bought the album anyway, even though all us have the first half already. Besides, the release date for Living With Ghosts was SO close to the release date for Death Spells’ new album. Half the people that would have been so hyped about Death Spells and that REALLY enjoy it are MCR fans, and BOOM, just like that… all those people were way more excited about Living With Ghosts than with Death Spells. Frank loves what he’s doing now and he wouldn’t trade it for the world, and that’s really not fair to him to have the attention taken off of an album that he and James and the rest of the band worked so hard to make. All the true, true MCR fans should understand this if you think about it: if MCR were to release Living With Ghosts on their own, without Warner Bros., well, one, they couldn’t. They don’t own it. And even if they did (and they had a choice on how to!) they wouldn’t have done it at ALL like what happened. They would have published a small post on their website containing something like, “Here’s what the Black Parade was going to be before the Black Parade.” They would have just attached the audio files and would have been done with it. But, the way that it DID happen screams, “THIS IS HAPPENING TO GET MONEY OUT OF YOU FANS.” and MCR wouldn’t do that. They probably planned on releasing Living With Ghosts, but couldn’t do it in a more subtle way because Warner is always looking to make money. Think of how successful they were, and think of how many people are blaming MCR.

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    1. You make a lot of really good points, and now that I’ve had time to take a step back and realize that I was more angry with the marketing and pr and just the way it was handled. I honestly hadn’t even thought about the ownership side to everything.


      1. Me too, before my friend stepped in 🤗! Now I’m just more mad😡/outraged/devastated/heartbroken/cryingmyeyesout because of that stupid jerkwad who decided Frank’s tour van would be a good place to crash his truck into.


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