TBR Takedown 4.0

Yay! Another readathon!


I love readathons, I know some people find them to be stressful and are often disappointed with themselves if they don’t finish their tbrs. For me, readthons are motivating. I am a fairly competitive person so racing against people are always fun, but overall I just always have a good time during a readathon and seeing how many people are participating and what they’re reading.

So TBR takedown starts today, June 20th and goes until midnight June 26th.

There are challenges for the readathon so my tbr is centered around the challenges and I’m also using this readathon to make a dent in my 2016 book goals.

The Challenges:

First in a series: The Darkest Minds


Unread Sequel: Days of Blood and Starlight


Recent Haul: the Unexpected Everything


TBR for over a year: Pride and Prejudice


Out of comfort zone: The 5th Wave

I choose The 5th Wave for the out of my comfort zone challenge because when I first tried to read it, honestly it freaked me out. The writing is so vivid and imagining how the aliens took over the Earth was so intense it started giving me anxiety. It doesn’t help that I do believe that there has to be something out there in space. However I do want to read this and I feel like now is a good time.

I also plan on reading the short stories in the Bane Chronicles to break things up if need be.


So that’s my tbr

Is anyone else participating in TBR takedown? Let me know if you are and what you plan on reading.

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