Waiting on Wednesday 6/15

Technically this is a Waiting on Wednesday post but it’s basically me rambling about Harry Potter until I ran out of things to talk about.

New WoW

Welcome back to Waiting on Wednesday, Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine and you talk about books coming out soon that you’re excited about

Today I want to talk about The Cursed Child


So I already talked about this a little bit yesterday in my Top Ten Tuesday since it is one of my highly anticipated books of the year but I realized that I wanted to talk about this book a little bit more and see if anyone else was the feeling the same way. I’m just going to warn you now that this is going to be long, once I started I couldn’t stop, turns out I had a lot to talk about with Harry Potter, surprising right?

There are two things that I have loved for almost my entire life: Books and Harry Potter. Yes, I consider Harry Potter to be separated from the books because my love went beyond the books to the movies to fanfic. Harry Potter was my first fandom and the first fanfic I ever read was about Draco Malfoy.

So like I said yesterday, this release has me feeling very emotional and it also has me thinking back about my Harry Potter memories. I have loved Harry Potter for over half my life now, I’m 24 and I first read it at about age 9. That’s almost 2/3rds of my life that I have loved this series. I went to 3 or 4 of the movie’s midnight premieres, I remember I was at the Half-Blood Prince one, the movie theater I was at oversold tickets and people were fighting over seats and trying to just stand or sit on the floor. FYI that did not go over well for the movie theater.

I think I read Harry Potter when I was 9 years old. It was either when I was in 3rd grade or 4th grade. My grandma was the one who introduced me to it, I remember her telling me about the book, how it was about this boy who lived in England and discovered that he was a wizard. I remember feeling a little bit “meh” about it, it sounded alright, but little did I know that it was going to become one of my favorite things of all time. She bought me the paperback copy of The Sorcerer’s Stone  and I fell in love with it. We both read the series at the same time and we both kept up with it. My grandma though simply liked the story, but it consumed me. I was in love with it, and that’s how it was for most of my Harry Potter experience, I loved it and everyone else seemed to think it was just okay. Then again, not a lot of my friends actually read, But it was no secret that I did, from early on that my label in school was “the bookworm” I was always reading. I read at recess, during free time in class, when I was done with my schoolwork, on the bus, and odds are, I was reading Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is the series that I have reread the most, I can’t even give an accurate estimate on how many times I have reread it.

Quick story: My mom was terrified of the idea of me driving, she absolutely thought I was going to be sitting behind the wheel trying to read a Harry Potter book while I was driving. Now I haven’t done that but I have debated on pulling over onto the shoulder of the road to finish reading a chapter because I simply couldn’t wait to get home and continue reading.

I was 15 when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released and a bookstore in Olympia had a release party.
(Don’t hold me to this but if I remember right it was at Borders and it was a midnight party.)
People were dressed up at characters and I was so excited to see that other people loved this story as much as I did. I was very excited because I had just started working at my first job and I had my own money to buy the book with. I also remember on my way home from the bookstore, clutching this beautiful hardcover of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in my lap, beyond bummed that it was 1 in the morning and too dark to read in the car. I was thinking to myself “This is it. This is the last Harry Potter book. It’s over after this,” and I started crying. I still want to cry thinking about it. The next morning I started reading Deathly Hallows and my mom and I had to pick up my brother from the airport that day so I was reading it in the car, reading while walking through the airport, and sitting on the floor reading while waiting for my brother’s plane to come in. I remember my mom saying how can you possibly finish that in a day?


That’s basically how that went, I think I flew through it within a day and a half or something like that, and yes I cried when I finished it. It was over.

But then last year I heard about the Cursed Child.

I was ecstatic to hear about the Cursed Child play, devastated to hear that it was only playing in England, and ecstatic all over again to hear that the script was being published and that The Harry Potter series would have another installment being added to it.

I know this is just the script in book form and it won’t be the same as the rest of the books but I don’t care. 15-year old me would have given up just about anything for a continuation of Harry Potter and now it’s happening. Just the mere thought is enough to make me cry tears of joy, I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel when I’m holding the physical book in my hands. This really does feel like a dream come true for me.

Tell me a bit about your Harry Potter experience, did you grow up with the series like I did? Are you a new fan? Do you plan on checking out the Cursed Child?

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