The depressing six letter “H” word

No one likes to hear this word, whether it’s about a tv series, blog, or series of books. And that word is
…*cue the horror music*


I am so sad to say that I am going to be putting my blog on a short hiatus and honestly I should have done it a while ago. I’ve really been neglecting my blog for about a month now and I hate having to put it on hold.

I love my blog but I just have too much going on right now with work, school, blogging, and my personal life and it’s all too much for me to do right now. And between you and me I haven’t even been reading all that much and don’t have anything to post about anyways.

It really depresses me not to be reading that much and I think my required reading for school is putting me in a pretty big reading slump 😧

My spring semester is over in the first week of may so I will be back after that until my classes start back up in the fall.

Until then thank you for reading and I will miss you!

See you in May

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