Ten Bookish things that I would like to own

Good morning and happy Tuesday!


This week’s topic for Ten Top Tuesday is about the top 10 books on your spring tbr. I wasn’t really feeling it so I took a look through the list and saw a topic idea of bookish things that I would like to own that aren’t books. I really like that one. I spend too much on Etsy looking at bookish themed jewelry, mugs, and tote bags. These are some of my favorite bookish things I’ve found.

Book shaped plates


I want all of these so badly! When I finally have my own house and my own dining table I plan to have it set with these plates and platters. They used to have these adorable mug and saucer sets that I don’t see on the site anymore. These can be found at gonereading.com

this Library Card tote bag


I love tote bags and this one is huge and has a zipper! It also looks like a library card. Its perfect for lugging all my books around! https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/226383197/library-due-date-card-graphic-big-book

Throne of Glass T-shirt


I love Throne of Glass and the design on this shirt is made out of the text from the book. Its such a cool idea and makes such a unique shirt!


Khal and Khaleesi earrings


They’re little bookish earrings! I love these so much almost as much as I loved the relationship between Khal Drogo and Daenerys 🙂

Earrings can be found here

Outlander Necklace


I love how it matches my copy of Outlander!

Outlander Necklace

Wuthering Heights Scarf


I love Wuthering Heights, it has one of my all time favorite quotes in it and this scarf has a lot of the quotes on it.


Sassenach mug


Along with tote bags I also love mugs. I should do a post about all my mugs, but I love stoneware dishes and I love Outlander. So this is two great things in one.


Throne of Glass necklace 


Love this necklace its so pretty!

Throne of Glass

This Infinity Gauntlet Hand Chain


Look at the epicness! I am a huge marvel nerd and I freaking love this so much! It is embarrassing to think about how long I would be playing with and pretending that I was Thanos…

Infinity Gauntlet

Moon of my life and My Sun and Stars Mug


Look more mugs! I love these coupley mugs and I want to get them for me and the bf.


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