Books I’m bringing with me to California

This isn’t so much a WWW Wednesday but more like what I plan on reading this weekend and on my plane flight.

So this weekend I am flying down to California to go see my mom for a long weekend. I will be gone from Friday through late Tuesday, which is 5 days. I’m trying to decide which books I want to bring down with me, I’m debating between bringing all these books:

The Winner’s Curse

The Winners Crime

Kingdom of Ashes

Ice like Fire

Or, I could just bring down Dragonfly in Amber and travel with just the one book. My problem with that, however, is the unproductive feeling. I’ll probably make a dent in one book versus reading and completing 4 (hopefully). But at the same time, do I want to travel with (at least) 4 books?


It’s something to think about and I will probably decide after I’m done packing the rest of my stuff. I know my mom has a bunch of things planned for us to do for the 5 days I’m down there but I do a lot of reading in the morning and evenings and I feel like I can finish most if not all the first 4 options.

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