Hello everybody! 🙂

So I was tagged by Shivalika @ Whimsy Journals to do this Resolutions tag and it sounded fun so here we go!



Reading 100 Books: So last year my reading goal was to read 150 books, sadly I only read 148, I just couldn’t squeeze those last two in. This year I started taking some college classes and I don’t imagine that I’ll have that much free time to read like that. So I’m going to lower my goal to 100 books. Not sure if I can make that but I will try.

Classics Rush: I have a long list of classics that I want to make my way through. At the least I am hoping for one a month.

PopSugar Reading Challenge: Yep I’m gonna give this a shot again, wasn’t able to finish it last year so we’ll see. BTW if anyone knows of a book where the protagonist is a receptionist/office assistance let me know, one of the challenges is to read a book where the protagonist works in the same profession as you do.



Blogging Slumps: Sometimes I just get into a little bit of a slump and I don’t know what to write about. Its happened whenever I’ve read series since I’m not sure if I want to review all the books in the series since they most likely will contain spoilers, or if I should review the series as a whole. I just don’t know, do any other bloggers ever have this problem?

A Feature: I’ve had this idea to do a kind of weekly wrap up, talk about all the books I read that week, do a weekly haul if I bought any books that week, link review posts. That kinda thing.


I will not give up on school. I will not give up on school. I will not give up on school. I want to maintain a really good GPA so I can transfer to a physical campus to complete my bachelor’s degree.


Take better care of myself: I really want to have a better diet then what I have going on right now (which is eat anything my heart desires) and also get back into rock climbing and do more hiking this summer. I’ve been toying with the idea of taking up yoga.

Some Adventure: I really want to travel somewhere with the BF this year. Not sure where but just getting away and going on an adventure would be amazing.

So that’s all I’ve come up with this year. Hopefully I can stick to it! Thanks for tagging me Shivalika!

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