Drop everything!

The Heartless by Marissa Meyer cover reveal has finally happened!

Fullscreen capture 172016 110023 AM

Heartless Reveal link from the tweet.

Here’s the photo from the entertainment website.


Let me just say that I am very excited for this, I love the lunar chronicles, they have rocketed to the top of my favorite series. I also love Alice in Wonderland so I am thrilled that we are getting another retelling from Meyer.

Now I don’t really love this cover, my first thought when I saw it was, “Was there a mistake?” It follows a similar style of the Lunar Chronicles. A simple minimalist cover, the color red standing out, Bold title font with the same font and color.

I’m not sure what I was expected but I was expecting a little bit more from the cover, something with hearts, or maybe a garden. But I think the cover will end up growing on me.

I also read the little excerpt from the site and it is intruging.

I already couldnt wait for this book to come out and now I really cant wait!


8 thoughts on “Drop everything!

  1. I actually just gasped when I saw this post, I had no idea there was a cover reveal! I like it, but I thought there would be a bit more to it than just a pattern, if that makes sense? But I feel like I’ll like it more when I have a physical copy ❤

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