Happily Ever After Review

Happily Ever After
by Keira Cass
416 pages
my rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Synopsis via Amazon:

Amberly came to the palace . . .
She was a Four in love with a One.

Maxon met the girl of his dreams . . .
He was the boy of someone else’s.

Aspen opened his heart to someone new . . .
He was determined to fight for his first love.

And before
Marlee could fall for a prince . . .
She was swept off her feet by a guard.

My thoughts:

Overall this book left me feeling a little underwhelmed, granted there were a couple parts of it that had me just glued to the pages, I don’t think a house fire could have separated me from those parts, I think I liked Amberly’s and Marlee’s stories the best, Maxon was okay, and Aspen’s story was so boring, maybe it’s because I found him to be a bit of a bore from the start of the entire series, actually, that’s probably it. There were also little scenes from Celeste’s point of view, I really enjoyed her character she was one of my favorites. Along with a story from Lucy’s POV (again it was a little underwhelming) and followed by what happened after the One (so cute!) and Cass went into a little detail about what happened to Elise, Natalie, and Kriss after the One. I found the book to be a nice wrap up to the first three selection

I found the book to be a nice wrap up to the first three selection books and while I was never interested to find out what had happened to the other girls, that section was a nice little detail thrown into the mix.

First up was Amberly’s story from her Selection, I thought the character profiling was on point, it was nice to see what had turned Clarkson into the person that he was, he was cold and calculating, distant and impersonal, and after seeing how his parents where it wasn’t all that shocking. I did not like how controlling and manipulative Clarkson and Amberly’s relationship was but I wasn’t shocked by it, what confused me for a while was how Amberly accepted it and went along with it. I had to remind myself that Clarkson was the prince, that the life he would have given her was better than anything that she could hope for if she were to be eliminated, I also had to remind myself that Amberly had a more passive personality than say I do.  I still liked her story, though, Amberly turned into one of my favorite characters with her calm and sweet personality, after America’s fiery passion and Eadlyn’s stubbornness and headstrong personalities, Amberly’s calming nature was a nice change.

Next up in the book was Maxon’s story and his was a nice peek into his insecurities, throughout the Selection he gave a more confident impression so it was nice seeing his more gentle and insecure side. I liked how he seriously did not know what to do about the girls. One thing I didnt like was seeing how hesitant and how reluctant he was to having his own Selection and then forcing Eadlyn to go through hers, so hypocritical.

After Maxon came Aspen’s story, I did not care for this one at all, it was just so boring, I feel like nothing happened for most of his story, once some action started happening thestory became more bearable but jsut reading through his pitiful thoughts wasnt that great.

Finally Marlee, her story was my favorite one! Seeing how everything happened through her eyes gave everything a sweet sense to it, Even though she had to sacrifice everything to be with Carter it eneded up worth it to her and I just love that, my favorite moment was after their caning, when Carter couldnt stand and was barely awake and he asked Maxon if he could find them a preacher if it wasnt too much to ask for, that, and the fact that their rings were made out of twine was just so romantic to me. They made the best with what they had and it was all worth it to them.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Thanks for reading!


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