Winds of Winter update

Quick disclaimer, I’m not writing this out of anger or criticism. I just needed to talk about it.

So it has been confirmed by George RR Martin himself that Winds of Winter will not be published before the show, and odds are it  will not be published this year.

Here’s a link to his journal entry about this update, GRRM Winds of Winter

The show is set to continue on in mid-April but I still feel…hollow. I didn’t realize how much hope I had that this book would be released this year, until it was confirmed and I felt all my hope leave me in one breath.

The timing when I found out about this update is priceless, first thing: I am not a sports fan, especially football I just don’t care about it, I don’t care about the teams or the sport, it’s not my thing. So when I discovered the news I was sitting in my living room and some of my friends were watching a seahawks game and they were very passionate about it and the plays and everything. I’m not sure what they were excited about to be honest. So I’m sitting on Instagram and asking myself how can football consume their lives like this? Life will go on whether or not the seahawks win or lose. Then I stumbled across this update and almost started crying. I guess I need to take my own advice huh? They were probably sitting there wondering how a tv show consumed my life.

Anyways, back to Winds of Winter.

I’m not a published writer, I’ve actually never finished an entire novel I’ve started out to write. I have lots of reasons and whys but at a level, I can understand the struggle he’s having and I can’t imagine piling on the stress and pressure added on from his agent, publishers, and fans. I can’t imagine having to feel like that.

That being said, while I can understand the delay I still feel brokenhearted about it, I can’t stop myself from feeling disappointment.

And honestly, writing this has actually helped, I’m still a little disappointed but it’s not consuming me right now.

Of you’re a big game of thrones fan, how are you feeling about this update?

2 thoughts on “Winds of Winter update

  1. Disappointed about the ever-growing wait for the next book in the series and the fact the TV show will override it, but I know that when it’s released I’ll still read it, probably more eagerly than any other book.

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    1. Same here, I’m disappointed that the tv show will pass the book, I feel as if it will be a little bit of a spoiler for the book. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about it.
      But yes I will snag that book up the minute it is released

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