Dashing through the Snow tag

Thank you, Bree at The Literary Hellion for tagging me! This looks so fun!


1. Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree.

I think I’ve said this before but Winds of Winter, I want that book so badly!!!

2. A book you’ll be reading during the Christmas Season.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, and if I finish that then I plan on picking up Ice like Fire by Sarah Rassch. Festive I know

3. Favorite Christmas Movie.

I’m stealing Bree’s answer




4. Do you like snow?


I love snow, from the inside, if I have to go outside then I hate snow with a passion. I don’t like being cold or wet. But I love to curl up in front of the window with a mug of hot chocolate when it’s snowing 🙂

5. Name a character you would like to spend your Christmas day with

Cath from Fangirl, we could do gifts and laze around reading fan fiction

6. To give or to receive?

To give! I love shopping and I will spend hours trying to find that perfect gift.


7. What fictional place would you like to spend Christmas at?



8. Fondest Christmas memory?

Every year I stay the night at my dads house and we wake up early and have coffee with Baileys and then some delicious cheesy potatoes with fried onions and watch my brothers open their gifts, then we hang out and watch A Christmas Story, I always have a very busy day on Christmas and having this chill morning is the best way to start my day

9. Can you say Christmas tree ten times FAST  in a row (pronouncing it correctly!)

Nope and you don’t even want to hear me attempt it lol

12 thoughts on “Dashing through the Snow tag

      1. Yeah i know! But i think they might just do that with this one. I dont he’d want the books to be spoiled by the tv series. :p


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