Taylor Swift Book Tag

We are Never Ever Ever getting back Together
A book or series that you used to love but now you don’t

Twilight: I used to be a huge twilight fan and I’m not sure what changed, but I can’t stand those books now. I have no interest and I will never reread them.


A Red Book

Outlander! The 20th-anniversary edition! I haven’t read it yet, really want to though  


The Best Day
A book that makes you feel nostalgic

Harry Potter. I always answer with a Little Princess so I’m shaking things up 


Love Story
A Book with Forbidden love

Daughter of Smoke and Bone, this is seriously so complicated to try to sum up, but the first pages says “one time an angel and a demon fell in love. It did not end well.” Boom forbidden love. 

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I knew you were trouble
A Book with a bad boy character

Cams kinda a cliched bad boy in my opinion but that’s what I thought of right away


A Book where someone ruined the ending for you

A Game of Thrones- Although this was with the show, one of my friends texted me and warned me about what happened with Jon Snow


Everything has Changed
A Book with a character who went through massive character development

Tatiana from the Bronze Horseman


You belong with me
Your most anticipated book of the year

A Court of Mist and Fury


Forever and Always
Your Favorite Book Couple

Celeana and Chaol- Crown of Midnight. I don’t care what anyone says I loved these two together.


Come back, be here
A Book you never lend out

Throne of Glass

Teardrops on my guitar
A Book that made you cry

Clockwork Princess- that part with Will and Jem, oh I cant talk about it even now.


Shake it off
A book you like that others don’t

The Mortal Instruments I actually really enjoyed this series, I’ve heard a lot of hate centered around these books, but I binged this series hardcore. 

download (4)

Stay Stay Stay
A Book you didn’t want to end

A tie between Ready Player One and Fangirl 

All to Well
A Book series that you wish was longer

Vampire Academy- that was a bullshit ending and I want mor

download (5)

So there you go that was the Taylor Swift book tag, I wasn’t tagged and I’m not tagging anyone, I just thought it was really fun so if you want to answer the questions go for it and let me know 🙂


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