12 Books of Christmas

Hello everyone!

So this morning I was browsing through my Reader enjoying a cup of coffee when I stumbled along Maren at the Worn Bookmark, and her post was about signing up for the 12 Book of Christmas challenge hosted by Shaina Shainareads, as I was reading this I thought to myself, this sounds like fun and I am a still a little behind my Goodreads challenge so this is a perfect opportunity to help me work on that.

Super last minute and spontaneous decision but that’s what I do best.

As of this blog post, there’s still about 10 hours left to sign up for this challenge, and there is only one rule.

In Shaina’s words:
If you plan to enter the drawing, all of your challenge books must be at least 100 pages long.

The challenge will run from Tuesday, December 1 through Thursday, December 31, 2015. And if you complete the challenge, she will enter your name in a random drawing for book worth up to $20 from The Book Depository.

I’m not quite sure what I plan on reading for this challenge, I do have a few ideas, but I will post a follow up along with my December TBR.


That’s all for now, let me now if you plan on entering this challenge as well!

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