Blogging things I suck at

I think this titles a little redundant since I’m very new to blogging and could probably do so many things better, but this sounded like a fun encouraging thing to write up.

You never know maybe this will help me to work on and improve at these things and get better.

So here are some things I suck at.

I’m great at creating schedules, planning things out and thinking in advance. I’m awful at sticking to them. I hate schedules and deadlines. It’s a bit ironic since for a while in high school I was dead set on becoming a journalist. So part of my intuition tells me that my career choice might not have worked out.

Regardless in terms of blogging I made goals for myself to write book reviews and post them like twice a week, maybe three times depending on my schedule, and I want to post something about this and take pictures of this and it just doesn’t happen. I am a huge procrastinator and I will come up with a million and one excuses about why I should delay doing whatever it is that I need to do.

Oh! My bookshelves are horribly disorganized I can’t possibly photograph them looking like this. 

My books are all over the place it’d be confusing to photograph them 

Oh! There’s no natural light coming through oh well I guess I’Il have to do it tomorrow. 

or my favorite Meh, I’m not really feeling it right now, I’ll do it later

I know myself, I know I’m not going to do it later, but yet I still let myself do that.
And it’s not just blogging, I do that with laundry, cleaning my room, cooking dinner. I’m just lazy.

Taking pictures

I know a bunch of my excuses up above were about taking pictures, but I also suck at arranging things and utilizing lighting and crap like that. I see all these gorgeous and beautiful pictures on blogs, and Instagram, and Tumblr and I would love to be able to arrange things like that with my books and post them, but I just don’t have an eye for it. I Hope that this is something that is a trail and error process or practice makes perfect thing. So if you have any tips please leave some in the comment section below. That would be awesome.

writing reviews

Thinking critically is not something that I am necessarily good that and I don’t really like doing it or trying to think about a book critically and think okay so what did I like? What didn’t I like?
I feel like it takes away from the story for me and it makes me like it a little less, I feel detached. Is this just me?


My thoughts are everywhere, going in all directions at a million miles an hour. As soon as I have a thought I kinda grasp for it and then it’s gone…its a pain. So I’ll be thinking of something to write about and I’ll be typing it like this and suddenly a thought will flicker in my mind thinking I should get some more coffee or Hmm I wonder what I should make for dinner, a pumpkin pie milkshake sounds good, but I just can’t have that I should make something else to go with it….

Wow, I really started getting off track.

So yeah…that happens…a lot…it also starts happening when I read
I have like zero attention span

And I don’t know if it’s okay for me to cuss when I start rambling like this, I kinda have the mouth of a sailor…off track again.This post feels like it’s just a wreck

The problem is that I’m really lazy but I’m also impatient so I could sit down and make an outline about what it is I want to write about and from there write out a rough draft and go through and edit, that’s just so much work. Why do all that when I could just sit down and type and things sound relatively okay? *sigh* Lazy Person Problems

I think I’m going to leave this for now and see how it goes.

Does anyone else have problems like these? How do you manage if you do? Do I just need to develop willpower and self-discipline and just do it?

3 thoughts on “Blogging things I suck at

  1. I basically have all the problems you just described, especially the laziness haha! I procrastinate over everything, even things I want to do, like blogging. Some days I just don’t feel like it, and I think the only way to overcome that is to not worry/feel guilty when you’re in that kind of mood, but just accept it/don’t put pressure on yourself to do it – if I write when I feel like it instead, I enjoy it so much more. x


    1. It makes me so much better to know that there’s someone who understands lol. I totally procrastinate things I want to do too it makes no sense to me how I can do that. You have a good point I think if I were to force myself to write and make posts then the quality probably wouldn’t be as great


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