Reading Slumps

Reading slumps ugh I hate those words!
Seriously they are right up there with other scary words like “Book Buying Ban” or “Dentist”

Just ugh

So yeah, feeling like I’ve got a bit of a book hangover right now 😦 this sucks.


Thanks a lot.
Just feeling like I’ve got nothing really to keep me interested in my books right now. Usually, I have a few methods about how to do with a book hangover but nothing is really working for me right now.

Usually, these are my methods.

Check out the rest of the authors works
(This one isn’t really helping me since the sequel comes out super soon {October 13th!} so I could just wait until then but I don’t get it until Friday and I want to read!) 

Go through my unread books

Look through my book journal and see which titles stand out to me

Pick from the TBR jar


But I just want to get my hands on the sequel…OH THE DILEMMA!!

Guys, the struggle is real.

Go to a bookstore and be surrounded by books
(now this one is a bit of a hit or miss for me, usually I feel guilty about having a good amount of unread books at home already so I feel bad about being at the bookstore and after walking around for a while I feel the need to buy a book because I’ve been in there for so long, is that just me? Probably not but I feel like it is. So then I buy a book and I feel guilty that I’m adding on another book to my TBR pile/shelf/mountain…whatever you want to call it…so yeah hit or miss.)

Read a romance/contemporary novel
(I might end up doing this one since romances and contemporaries are fairly easy for me to get through since there’s no complex world building or character plots, yay for quick reads)

Comic Books/manga
(Typically this is step one for me but I’m just not into it sadly) 

So how do you get through a reading slump? What are your tips and tricks to getting out of one?

Because right now I need all the help I can get and I’ll say it again once more, Dude this sucks. 😛

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